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At Home Outdoors/Draußen zuhause

When I was a little girl there was a period when my mother had to make me go outside. I just wanted to remain in the house, being a bookworm already then. There were not many kids nearby that I … Continue reading

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Soup Season

Even this year’s amazing summer came to an end; autumn has arrived bringing chillier mornings and beautiful shades of yellow and red replacing the variations of green. With some regret I’ve had to switch summer’s eternal shorts to trousers, and … Continue reading

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In Between Seasons

Summer still lingers on up here: temperatures at midday are around 25C and I’ve been able to hike in shorts and sleeveless tops. Every day like this is a precious gift, and very consciously I enjoy the fresh breeze against … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Golden Autumn!

We have had the most magical autumn up here this year. Apart from a quick dip into winter with some snow mid October, it’s been amazingly warm and sunny until now. The colours of the deciduous trees changed to the … Continue reading

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Autumn Cures

Autumn and winter is the time for catching a cold or even the influenza. Let’s prepare our systems to meet with these challenges, and not getting caught! First rule: we have to live in harmony with the changing seasons. That … Continue reading

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Moon Haiku

Autumn Moon A slice of silver Cutting through deep indigo Summer’s soon over * Lune d’autonne Une fine lame d’argent Coup ce ciel bleu indigo L’été est fini

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